Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Biology M.D.

Dr. Shanna Geller

Dr. Geller grew up in Abilene, TX before moving to Indiana in the 10th grade. She has always had a love of science, especially life sciences, and graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Biology in 2002. After working for a year in a microbiology lab for a pharmaceutical company, she went on to medical school. She was lucky enough to do her first two years of medical school while living on St. Maarten (an island in the Caribbean). In 2009 (one week after her son was born!), Dr. Geller graduated from medical school.

Dr. Geller took a year off to stay home with her son and decided that the schedule and hours of a doctor were not going to be compatible with her ideal job of being a mom. She never lost her love of science, however, and decided to pursue a career in education so that she could pass that passion on to future generations.

Dr. Geller started teaching at Texas Education Centers (a charter school) in 2011. She became a science teacher with LISD in 2013. Dr. Geller is not only involved in LISD as a teacher but also as a parent. She now has two children who both attend LISD schools. In addition to being a teacher, Dr. Geller is an avid animal lover. She has two dogs and is especially fond of German Shepherds. She also loves lizards and collects lizard decorations. Her hobbies include reading, scrapbooking and playing video games.