BlendED - Middle School

  • LISD provides blendED learning opportunities at the middle school level. The program offers students:

    • more opportunities for individual and personalized instruction
    • more intensive support when needed
    • more opportunities to develop sills for blended and online learning as they advance in their education
    • more voice and choice in how they learn and a better understanding of how they learn best

    Flexible Mobility is structured differently at middle school. Students must be physically present on campus five days a week for a blendED class.  They may, however, leverage flex spaces on an online day for independent work and collaboration, or they may choose to work one-on-one or in small groups with their teacher.  

Virtual Learning Academy - Middle School

  • VLA serves middle school students who:

    • Want to take a world language
    • Want to accelerate in mathematics and have met high school course prerequisites
    • Want to take high school Art I and have previously taken middle school Art 

    Middle school students may take online courses outside the school day to supplement their regular instructional program or during the Virtual Learning Academy Summer term.  Course fees apply.  Please see the VLA course catalog for more information about fees.

    Rising 9th-grade students may take freshman-level courses during the VLA Summer term.

  • Additional information for these services can be found at