• Online Learning Experience

    Is it true that I can work at my own pace, at any time and any place?

    Online learning is all about flexibility. You can work wherever you have an Internet connection, and you can work whenever it fits into your day. However, a Pacing Guide and hard deadlines are in place to set you up for success and allow you to collaborate with your classmates and teacher. The LISD Virtual Learning Academy follows the district calendar and grading guidelines.

    How many hours per day can I anticipate working in my course?

    You can expect to spend about the same number of hours as you would in a traditional seated course, but you get to decide when and where you work. There is a Pacing Guide and hard deadlines that must be met. You will quickly learn the importance of time management as you balance your online learning with school, work, and extracurricular activities.

    Will I work alone, or will there be opportunities to work with my classmates?

    You are never alone in your online course. As in a traditional seated class, you will have a variety of learning experiences. Some of these experiences occur in real time through all-class live sessions. We call these synchronous sessions. You will be able to collaborate and work with your classmates during these sessions. You will also collaborate and work with your classmates asynchronously through course discussions, Google Docs, and other Web 2.0 tools.

    Will I have regular interactions with my online teacher?


    Regular student-teacher interaction is critical to your success. You will partner with your teacher throughout the course:

    • Orientation at the start of the term
      • You will meet your teacher and classmates and learn how to navigate your course.
    • Ongoing and Frequent All-Class Live Sessions
      • These learning experiences occur in real time, and your participation is required. You will receive direct instruction covering unit skills, content, and concepts. All-class live sessions are recorded, so you can rewind your learning at any time!
    • Ongoing feedback
      • Your teacher will provide ongoing feedback throughout the course through a variety of tools: phone, course messaging, district email, Google Docs, and
        all-class live sessions. Feedback occurs daily or weekly as you progress through the course.
    • Supplemental direct-teach or re-teach
      • Supplemental instruction is available whenever you are struggling with course skills, content, or concepts or when you score below a 70% on a quiz, offline activity, or test.

    • In-person Visits
      • Your teacher may also schedule in-person sessions at various locations (your campus, city library, Starbucks, Target, etc.)

    How will my online teacher communicate with me?

    Your online teacher will communicate with you and your parents through a variety of tools: phone, Twitter, district email, course messaging, Google Docs, and all-class live sessions.