• Raptor Visitor Sign-In 


    The Raptor security system is operational at Hebron Valley. Visitors will be required to provide their driver's license or other government issued identification card to an LISD staff member in our front office.

    In a process that will take less than 90 seconds, the identification will be scanned and checked against the national offender database. If a match is found and confirmed, high-priority alerts will be automatically sent to campus administrators for immediate response. If no match is found, a visitor badge will be printed with the person's name and photo. After a visitor is cleared, only their name remains in the system; no personal information, such as address or license number is stored.

    Though security measures at LISD campuses have been in place for years, the LISD Board of Trustees recently approved the purchase of a highly effective, software-based, sign-in system that taps into the national sex offender database to screen campus visitors before allowing access. This system will not take the place of completing the LISD Volunteer Background Check required to volunteer in any capacity.