• Visitors are welcome to visit us at lunchtime with your HVE student(s).  We are unable to have Lunch / Campus Visitors on Testing and Early Release days. These dates are listed in Mrs. Zamora's newsletter to the families and on our HVE website calendar. 

    We have a sign up for lunch visitors. We are encouraging visitors to sign up if you will visit your child for lunch. Please know that only Family 1 and 2 in Skyward may join their child at lunch. If you are having a grandparent or family member join, they must have permission from the parent or guardian. Please call the front office to let them know.

    Lunch Visitor Sign-Up Link 

    Please bring a valid government ID to present at the front door camera and at the HVE front office to receive a Visitor Badge. 

    Please note: Testing Days and Early Release Days, we are unable to have Lunch/Campus Visitors.

    Click below to see information regarding the Raptor System.   Thank you

    LISD Visitor/Raptor Policy