• Students may be dropped off at 7:15 am daily. All students should report to the cafeteria when they arrive. Students may go to class at 7:35 am. Students may be dropped off and picked up in the front loop (if exiting to go north on Briarhill Blvd.) or the South Loop (you may exit to go north or south on Briarhill Blvd.).


    Students are dismissed at 3:00.  When picked up, students should always use the crosswalk and refrain from walking between cars.


     We ask that drivers refrain from using cellular devices while in the carpool lanes. It is against the law to use a cellular device in a school zone. 


    It is imperative that all drivers pull all the way forward to drop off and pick up. By pulling forward, you are allowing 8-10 cars to load and unload. This makes an incredible difference for the overall success of traffic.


    At 3:15, students are moved to the office and should be picked up in the front loop.