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  • My name is Mary Ashmore and I am the Registered Nurse at McAuliffe Elementary. Yes, my job is to help your children when they are hurt or are sick but I also feel that I have a great responsibility in teaching your children to stay well. Staying well and being sick do have some overlap so in order to keep the children at McAuliffe well, I must ask the following:

    • Please make sure your child has a good breakfast in the morning. In order for our kids to perform at their very best, their bodies should have the necessary nutrition for their brain to be able to collect information and also to think clearly enough to be able to retain it. After all, it is called BREAK- FAST for a reason.
    • For any children who have a fever over 100 degrees, they must stay home or go home. This is for their good but also for the well being of the other students and teachers. The Fever Policy is that they remain home until their temp is normal for a full 24 hours without the help of fever reducing medications.
    • If your child has vomiting, diarrhea and/ or anything else that can be deemed contagious, you will be called to arrange for pickup. Your child’s ability to return to school the next day will depend on whether these symptoms have subsided or receipt of a Dr.’s note stating they are not contagious and can return to school.
    • Please be sure that your contact numbers are current in Skyward.
    • As an elementary student, medicines cannot be carried by the student or held in their backpack.  Please bring these meds to the health room with the necessary documentation. Most of the forms can be found on this website. Please feel free to stop by the health room with questions or you can give me a call.