• We can keep and administer medications at school. Here are some helpful tips if you want to keep medication at school. If you have specefic questions please call the school

    * Only the medications that need to be given during school time will be administered in school.

    Example: need to take 4 times or more  a day, behavior or ADHD medications, Diabetes , Asthma or Epilepsy rescue medications.

    * LISD employees can only administer FDA approved medications. No supplements or experimental medications will be given.

    *Medications should be transported by parents or an adult. Elementary age students cannot transport medications to and from school.

    *All medications should be in original container, within expiration date, and age appropriate and  accompanied by a written request from parents.

    * Short term medications such as  over the counter (OTC) medications  can be given  for up to 5 days with a detailed note from parent including the name of student, name and dose of medication, time to give it at school, start and end date and parent signature.

    * All prescription medications require a prescription label on it and a signed medication authorization  from the parent. If the medication request  is not agreeing with the prescription label, an MD order is required.

    * Allergy action plan requre an MD signature