Principal's Message

  • Dear Parents and Students,

    Welcome to the new school year! My name is Tasia Thompson and I am excited and blessed to be Principal for the best elementary in The Colony! I have been in LISD since 1996 and was the Assistant Principal at Ethridge from 2011 to 2014 before becomming Principal in 2015.

    Ethridge Elementary is a wonderful, family-oriented community school that offers great educational experiences for Kinder through 5th grade students. Our teachers are focused on your child's academic, social and emotional growth and development. Innovative, collaborative, educational learning opportunities integrating technology and hands on experiences keep our students authentically engaged. We teach our students to work hard and play hard, and that great things happen when you make good choices! Join us as we embark upon a positive, energy-filled year and work together to create a positive educational experience for all!

    If you are interested in enrolling your child at Ethridge or would like to schedule a tour, please call our main office at 469-713-5954. We look forward to meeting you!

    Tasia Thompson, Principal

    LISD Core Beliefs

    WE believe: Every student is uniquely capable and deserves to be challenged each day. Uninhibited learning depends on a safe, nurturing, inclusive and flexible environment. An educated citizenry is essential for equal opportunity and a prosperous society. Meaningful and relevant work engages students in profound learning. Critical thinking and problem solving today are necessary for students to be equipped for future challenges. Genuine transformation requires disruptive innovation. Education is the shared responsibility of the community.

    LISD Vision

    All of our students enjoy thriving, productive lives in a future they create.

    LISD Mission

    Students, staff and community design and implement a learning organization that provides engaging, innovative experiences every day.

    LISD Goals

    We will: Provide all learners with safe, nurturing, inclusive and flexible learning environments. (Digital Learning Environment) Engage learners through the use of technological tools to access, create and share content as well as collaborate with other learners throughout the world. (Digital Learning Environment) Reframe state readiness standards in a way that leads to profound learning and has meaning and value for students. (Learning Standards) Create flexible systems that result in a learning organization supported by innovative and engaged staff. (Organizational Transformation) Continuously involve our diverse community, staff and students to use their strengths, resources and talents to provide engaging, innovative experiences for all learners. (Partnership) Develop and implement meaningful, varied assessments that inform and inspire students and educators for continuous improvement and growth in a way that transforms learning and teaching. (Assessments) Design an accountability system that transcends state/national mandates and reflects local values and expectations. (Accountability)