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  • Virtual Learning Academy Terms and Conditions

    1. Online courses are 0.5-credit courses consistent with accelerated block scheduling. Students requesting a 1.0 credit class (for example, English IV) will be scheduled in two 0.5-credit courses (semester A and semester B). Students may elect to take both A and B in the same term or split the course over two terms. Online courses have different start-and-end dates depending upon the course provider. If you are choosing a TxVSN course that is not provided directly by the Lewisville ISD VLA, consult the TxVSN course catalog for specific term information.


    2. Online courses range from $175 to $400 per 0.5 credit. For example, Economics is a 0.5-credit course available through VLA at a cost of $175. English IV is a 1.0-credit course available through VLA. The fee for semester A (0.5 credit) is $175. The fee for semester B (0.5 credit) is $175. The total fee for this 1.0-credit course is $350. Courses offered through TxVSN cost more and run from $400 - $800 for a 1.0 credit course. If you are choosing a TxVSN course that is not provided directly by the Lewisville ISD VLA, consult the TxVSN course catalog for specific course fee information.


    3. Online courses carry the same levels of difficulty / grade weights as courses taken on a traditional campus: Level 1, General Education courses (1.1). Level 3, Advanced Placement (AP) courses: Class of 2018, 2019, 2020 (1.3). Class of 2021 & beyond (1.2).


    4. A student who drops a VLA course after the drop deadline incurs academic and financial penalties. A student may drop an online course taken through VLA or TxVSN four school days after the instructional start date without academic or financial penalty. A student who joins a course after the instructional start date has four days from the day the student joins to drop the course without penalty. If a student drops a course without penalty during the four-school-day period will receive a full refund and no academic penalty. A student who drops a course after this period will not receive a refund. The student’s transcript will reflect that the student was not successful in the course.


    5. A pacing guide is in place for each online course that stipulates when students should complete their work. Online courses are not designed to be “click-through courses” where students work “at their own pace.” Students may be required to attend live online sessions using WebEx. Times and dates for these sessions will be set by the online instructor. If a student is unable to attend the live session, the student will be required to access the recording and complete an assignment.


    6. Grades are recorded in the learning management system for the course, and the instructor will provide information on how to access grades. Progress report grades and final course grades will be entered and viewable in Skyward.


    7. VLA and TxVSN students take semester and final exams in person with a proctor.

    • Students must arrange to take proctored exams on the date designated by the teacher.

    • Students who plan to travel out of the local area or country are not exempt from this requirement, and must make special arrangements with the teacher.

    • Failure to be physically present for the final exam will result in course failure.