• Lewisville High School Harmon Campus

    Student ID Policy

    For the safety of our students and staff, all students are required to wear IDs.

    LHS Harmon student IDs must:

    •   Be from the current school year

    •   Be worn on a lanyard around the neck and visible at all times.

    •   Clearly show the student’s picture and name.

    •   No defacing or covering of any part of the ID is permitted.

    •    Students are not allowed to carry another student’s ID at any time.

    A student without an official school ID must obtain a temporary one from the library at the cost of $1. Students will be allowed to purchase 5 temporary ID cards per semester. On the 6th ID purchase or any thereafter, the student will be charged a $5 replacement fee and issued a new permanent ID. If you are unable to pay the fee at the time of purchase, the charge will be applied to your Skyward account to be paid at a later date.

    Student IDs are required to ride the shuttle bus from one campus to another. An additional pass is needed to ride the after school shuttle to LHS and will be provided by a coach, teacher, or sponsor.