• Every child is an artist. Our goal at Liberty is for each child to recognize this within themselves and develop the confidence and skills to achieve their full potential. It is our hope that students will recognize the value of their own creativity while also acknowledging and appreciating the talents an gifts of others.
    Throughout the school year, students will engage in a wide variety of art experiences involving many different media, tools and techniques. They will create drawings, paintings, fiber work, mixed media, and ceramic pieces. Students will learn about portraiture, landscapes, still life, printmaking, collage, and three dimensional artworks. They will be exposed to the works of renowned artists, a diversity of cultures, and a wide range of art history. As a result, their learning will have relevant connections to Geography, History, Math and Social Studies. Art will be fun, but it will also have a valuable, meaningful place in your child's overall education. Please see my SchoolWeb page for information specific to the activities of each grade level. 
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