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  • Homestead Elementary PE Curriculum
    The curriculum in Physical Education for First Grader Through Fifth Grade provides for instruction and experience in the following areas:
    •  Physical fitness development to improve the quality of life.
    •  Motor skills that develop positive body image and confidence.
    •  Rhythmic activities that develop coordination, self-expression, creativity, and endurance.
    •  Skills related to games, individual sports and team sports.
    •  Sequential gymnastic and tumbling skills. 

    First and Second Grade: The activities which fall into the above areas for First and Second Grade are as follows:

    • Fundamental Locomotor Skills Perceptual-Motor Activities
    • Fundamental Non Locomotor Skills Lead-up Games
    • Fundamental Manipulative Skills Low Organized Games and Relays
    • Rhythms and Dance Physical Fitness Activites
    • Basic Stunts and Tumbling Skills

    Third through Fifth Grade: The activities which fall into the above areas for Third through Fifth Grade are as follows:

    • Soccer
    • Racquet Sports
    • Golf
    • Floor Hockey
    • Floor Tennis
    • Recreational Games
    • Basketball
    • Gymnastics
    • Rhythms/Dance
    • Volleyball
    • Softball
    • Physical Fitness Activities