Fourth Grade Curriculum Overview

  • First 9 Weeks Second 9 Weeks Third 9 Weeks Fourth 9 Weeks

  • Fourth Grade Schedule

    Conference/Specials: 9:35-10:25 AM

    Lunch: 12:40-1:10 PM

    Recess: 1:10- 1:40 PM 

    Tips for Parents of 4th Graders

    • Instill responsibility in your child by encouraging him/her to approach his/her teacher with concerns prior to parent interaction.
    • Check his/her agenda daily.
    • Find time to read with your child daily.  Model oral and independent reading.
    • Involve your child in family problem-solving. Ex: let your student plan the shortest route to an errand.
    • Find ways to apply school work/themes to everyday activities.
    • Use the Internet TOGETHER to research topics or solve problems.
    • Have homework materials available at home for your child.  For example pencils, paper, scissors, glue, etc.
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