• LISD elementary students enjoy music within a rotation of specialized class offerings at each elementary campus.  Students engage in singing, playing of instruments, dancing and rhythmic movement, and learn the foundations of music literacy and creative expression through performance.

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  • Private Teacher Selection
    Choosing a private music teacher for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make. In order to help you get started in your selection process, below are a few questions to ask each individual teacher:
    • From what musical institution did you receive your music education?
    • How long have you been teaching music privately?
    • Describe the goals you have set for your private students.
    • Do you present recitals? What other performance opportunities are your students exposed to? Do you enter your students in contests or competitions?
    • How much daily practice do you request of your students?
    • How long is the music lesson?
    • What is the fee per music lesson?
    • What other expenses should I be aware of in addition to books, materials, contests fees, etc.?
    • Can missed lessons be make up? Is there a penalty for missed lessons?
    • May I please request two references from parents whose children have studied with you (for at least five years if possible)?
    If you are looking for a starting place in finding a private teacher in the Carrollton area, there is a Carrollton Music Teachers Association that has a listing of teachers with openings. 972-620-2737
    "An apprecitation of music and the arts can provide countless hours of enjoyment for a full and rewarding life"