• Grades K-2 Student Services

    All Hebron Valley K-2 students will receive the following:

    •  LISD Planned Learning Experiences

    •  Ongoing classroom visits and observations for collaborative data collection

    •  A non-verbal ability screening - spring of Kindergarten

    •  Curriculum differentiation as needed

    •  Purposeful placement within cluster teacher classrooms after Kindergarten 

    Kindergarten & Grade 1: Students with evidence of strong emerging gifted/talented potential regarding the Planned Experiences, classroom observations and/or the non-verbal ability assessment will be on a watch list and purposefully placed within cluster teacher classrooms for further evaluation.

    Grade 2: Students with strong evidence of emerging GT potential based on Kindergarten and First Grade Planned Experiences, classroom observations and non-verbal assessments as well as observations in Creative Thinking Workshop (lessons with Mrs. Dyer), will be tested during the fall testing window for services.  


    Grades 3-5 Student Services

    Grades 3-5: There is a non-verbal ability screening for all third grade students in the fall. All Hebron Valley students will have opportunities for GT identification testing throughout their 3rd-5th grade years.


    Identified Students: Receive services designed to meet the student’s unique academic, social and emotional needs. The amount of time in or out of the general classroom will be contingent upon the following: grade level curriculum performance, motivation level and general abilities.

    Our services include:

    • Watch List -  This group includes all learners who are not officially GT identified, but may receive classroom enrichment services if a need arises.
    • Enrichment Services, Guided Study and Independent Study – This group incorporates students who qualify for GT services because they show gifted potential. They have high ability and motivational levels.  They tend to be students who require additional extensions in a gifted program.  They are served through a pull out program that will challenge them with deeper content and rigor. 
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