At TECC-W, we empower students’ personal and professional growth through authentic experiences and career opportunities.


    TECC-W bridges rigorous academics and relevant industry-specific education to:

    • Prepare students for postsecondary education and/or industry employment
    • Promote quality partnerships with businesses, industry, and the community
    • Provide real-world hands-on experiences, industry certifications, licensures, and internship opportunities
    • Develop students who are professional, responsible, and productive members of society


    Career and technical education is an integral part of the total education program. Knowing that a comprehensive education is necessary in today’s changing world and recognizing that career and technical education has both cultural and practical value, career and technical programs are designed to supplement the general education program and build on the foundation that is provided. The staff at TECC-W implements the field’s best practices and utilizes technology to prepare students to make enduring career decisions. In addition, the staff offers the tools and insights that help shape meaningful academic, internship, and employment experiences and serves as a critical resource in assisting students to achieve their career goals.