Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do students spend the entire day at the Career Center?
    Career Center students spend two periods of their day at the Career Center and the remainder of their day at their home campus.
    Can I come for just one period? 
    All courses at both TECC-E and TECC-W will last two periods. In some cases, two or more classes have been combined into a two-period block. Students will no longer be allowed to take a one-period class at either career center. 

    Is the Career Center the same as the Learning Center?
    No, although we are sometimes confused, probably because the Learning Center is located right next door to Dale Jackson on Edmonds. The TECC-W is a separate facility which prepares students for specialized careers.
    Is this school designed for students not planning to go to college? 
    No. Unlike the traditional vocational education of the 1960's and 70's, the programs we will offer at TECC-W are designed to prepare students for success in upper-level technology based education or to provide professional certifications that will allow them to go to work right out of high school. The percentage of career and technical education students that continue on to college is as high as or higher than the average high school student. 
    Does the district provide transportation? 
    Buses will run from each high school campus to TECC-E and TECC-W. By eliminating the one-period classes, the busing becomes more efficient allowing for increased instructional time. Students also have the option of driving themselves to either career center. For legal reasons, students are forbidden to car pool with other students. 
    Is it possible to take a course at TECC-W if I am in other activities such as band, choir, sports or cheerleading? 
    Yes it is. Students in these activities are able to take these specialized courses with careful planning and assistance from LISD counselors. It may be beneficial to consider ways to give yourself more time in your regular schedule by staying on track with your grades and not putting yourself in the position of repeating coursework. The more classes you fail, the less time you have for elective classes that can lead you to your future career choices. As long as your grades are good, you should have no problems finding time to take the classes you want at either career center as well as the home campus electives that you want to take.