Support Services for Students

  • Ms. Margo Phillips, Teacher and Ms. Randi Kosik, Paraprofessional, welcome you to the Student Support Services Homepage.

    Support Services For Students provides students with identified needs the individualized support that they require for success. We work closely with all of the TECC-W teachers to maximize student learning across the Career and Technical classes taught here.

    Students come to TECC-W from all LISD high schools with their career hopes in tow. Given today's economic climate, we feel that the courses of instruction at TECC-W are a great place for a teen to enter the workforce with an advantage. SSS is able to provide the extra boost that students with learning differences need to find success.

    It is our belief that all students are important members of the community and key to the growth of our nation in the 21st century. As such they need up to date employability skills and the ability to communicate in order to succeed in today's workforce. We strive to support students with this journey.


    Margo Phillips, Teacher