Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures

  • ARRIVAL–  Students can be dropped off as early as 7:20AM. Students K thru 2nd will go to the cafeteria and wait at their designated teacher table for the bell to ring. Students 3 -5 will go to the gym and wait at their designated teacher line for the bell to ring. We do serve breakfast in the cafeteria for those arriving early. The bell rings at 7:35AM for the Students to report to their classroom and class begins promptly at 7:45AM. Any Student arriving at school after the 7:45AM bell will be considered tardy. If the Student is not in their classroom when the 7:45AM bell rings they will be considered tardy and sent back to the office toget a tardy slip. If your Student is coming to class late for any reason, i.e. tardy, doctor’s appointment, etc. they must come to the office first to get a pass into class. In the past we have seen an over abundance of tardies. With most of us living less than 2 miles from the school we shouldn’t have this many tardies. Please plan accordingly and leave home a few minutes earlier to avoid tardies. Tardies can cause quite a disturbance in the office, classroom, and to the Student who is arriving late. Remember the rule for absences and tardies is 18 full or parts(tardies) of days. Tardies are counted towards that total.


    DISMISSAL–  We begin dismissing Kindergarten Students at 2:50PM. 1st to 5th Grade Students will be dismissed at 3:00PM. We have several ways our children go home. Car Riders will go to the gym and wait for their number to be called. If you decide you want to walk up and get your Student from the gym you will need to go around the outside of the school and pick them up from the back gym door by the dumpsters. Walkers and Bus Riders may leave the school and go to their designated place of pick up or if walkers they may walk home. Walkers from the back of the school may also use the same procedure at the gym doors. Walk up and tell the on duty teacher/volunteer your Student’s name/number and they will retrieve them from the inside of the school. Kindergarten and 1st grade is done a little differently. Kinder Students will either go to the gym as a car rider, go to buses if they are bus riders, or if you prefer to walk up and pick them up you will do so through the second set of doors to the left of the main entrance. Same for 1st grade if they are car or bus riders, but walkers can be picked-up at the first set of doors to the left of the main entrance. Whichever way your Student goes home, please be consistent to avoid confusion. Please do not call with last minute play date instructions. Pick your Student up and then take them to their play date or after school activity. These types of messages cause too much interruption to the classroom and causes anxiety for your Student. Changes in plans cause many Students to end up in our office not knowing how to get home. Please do not allow your Student to stay after school and play on the playground with his or her friends. We need for all Students to go home promptly once school is dismissed. This will avoid any accidents or problems that occur with unsupervised Students.