Rising 7th & 8th Grade Summer Course Selection

     Looking to enroll your middle school student in a VLA course? Check out what courses we have available for middle school students. The Virtual Learning Academy offers a selection of courses for LISD middle school students for the summer learning session. These courses are available for students who are rising 7-8 graders.


    Summer Term: 1 total credit is allowed to be taken during the summer. Each A or B course listed is only worth 0.5 credit. To receive the full 1 credit, both the A and B must be taken.

    The grade earned in a VLA course will not count toward their high school GPA unless the course is taken after 8th grade. The course name and final grade will be listed on the high school transcript.


    There are some prerequisites required prior to taking some of the VLA courses.

Rising 7th Graders

Rising 8th Graders

Rising 9th Graders

  • After 8th grade year, students are permitted to choose from the entire VLA course selection guide (prerequisites required). These courses will count towards their high school GPA and class rank.