• Our Library Media Center is located in the middle of our Independence nest, and we want it to be the center of our Eagle community. We strive for the library to be the place our Eagles want to be!

    Come any time to find something great to read, search for answers to your questions, find a place to work or be creative, to say hello, or just enjoy the space. 

    Our library has a flexible schedule, which means students can visit any time they want or need to during the school day, with permission from their teacher. 

    Some classes schedule a weekly class visit for a lesson & check-in/check-out circulation to make sure students have frequent and regular opportunities to be in the library. Other classes incorporate weekly independent visits for students or small groups as part of their literacy stations schedule; and most classes allow students to visit on their own any time (that is convenient within the class schedule) for working, researching, or exchanging books to keep our Eagles reading.

    We love to see Eagles returning to our library nest often throughout the week!