Happy Birthday Independence Elementary!

  • You are Fifteen years old!

    Independence Elementary School was the thirty-ninth elementary built in LISD in 2008 and constructed by Hisaw and Associates.  The property comprises 50.77 acres with the building area equaling 107,00 square feet. The architectural design included large windows to enhance student learning. The school opened its doors to four hundred and thirty-four students and a faculty and staff of sixty. Principal Teddie Winslow opened the school with the help of LISD facilities and curriculum administrators. Superintendent Jerry Roy selected the name Independence. Retired middle school teacher Lee Winslow, wrote the school song based on the melody Chester by American composer, William Billings.

    In 2008 Independence Elementary was one of three schools piloting the Dual Language program.  Kindergarten students zoned from Central Elementary entered the first grade Independence One-Way Dual language classes taught by Judith Reed Otero and Beth Pesnell. Through the support of district stakeholders and parents who valued the benefits of acquiring a second language, the program grew into a Two Way Dual Language Model and has continued to attract students from other home campuses. Currently, Independence has twenty-one dual language sections serving a total of four hundred and forty dual language students. The dual language program cognitively challenges students to learn two languages using research-based practices.

    In addition to providing a quality dual language program, Eagle teachers implement elements of Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. In 2017, The Building Leadership team selected elements of the Leader in Me program and designed a character development program teaching the students the seven habits. The Independence Leadership Happens Here lessons are integrated into content and social area activities using “I can statements.” Teachers Dawn Heneghan and Erika Tellez, who worked the summer of 2017 to prepare teacher materials, designed the curriculum model.  The Independence Leadership Happens Here is available in English and Spanish. Eagle students learn about the seven habits, manage a data binder and earn Leadership Happens Here tickets when they demonstrate a habit.  Preparations for nurturing future-ready, hopeful, problem solving, and courageous students were implemented in the 2018-2019 school year.

    In 2022 Independence has an enrollment of seven hundred and ninety eight students making it the largest elementary in Lewisville. The school thrives because of the commitment to our students, staff and parents. We look forward to partnering with our PTA, Castle Hills Foundation, Watch Dog Dudes and community stakeholders to increase our communication, connection, and culture.  We are one; we are LISD.  The following staff members helped open the school fifteen years ago:  Amber Olson, Elisabeth Arroyo, Oscar Jordan, Elva Castilleja, Daisy Salguero, America Alvarado, Lisa Searles, Sylvia Garcia, Shelley Gerritzen, TamiLynn Jackson, Kara Mauldin and Teddie Winslow