• LISD Approved to serve as a TxVSN Professional Development Provider

    April 7, 2016 

    The Texas Virtual School Network, an educational resource that offers online courses for students, has approved Lewisville ISD as a statewide school district professional development provider.

    With online courses becoming more and more common for college students, Lewisville ISD (LISD) is taking strides to become a stepping-stone for students who wish to continue their education after high school.

    “The heart of online learning is personalized learning,” LISD’s Virtual Learning Leader Donna Henry said. “All of our kids learn best in a variety of environments and at different paces, and it’s our job to figure out the best way to serve them, and to put the right teachers in place to do so.”

    With a robust Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) already in place, LISD has taken online learning to a new level, becoming the first school district ever to be a statewide Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN) professional development provider.

    “Any instructor in the state who wants to teach an online course that is offered through the TxVSN catalog must have gone through an approved professional learning course,” Henry said. “LISD is now a provider for the required professional development.”

    According to their website, TxVSN was established in 2007 and began offering courses in the winter of 2009. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) offers state-supported online learning opportunities to students across the state through the TxVSN which has provided Texas students and schools with a valuable avenue for interactive, collaborative, instructor-led online courses taught by state certified and appropriately credentialed teachers.

    “Online teaching requires understanding ways to personalize learning and building relationships with students in an online setting,” LISD Digital Learning Specialist Dr. Jennifer Culver said. “This course provides teachers with ways to explore course design and allow room for choice, collaboration, and avenues for meaningful feedback.”

    LISD offers students several online courses, from basic classes such as English, Biology and Math, to advanced and specialized classes such as AP Psychology, Physics and Web Design. All LISD courses that are offered through the TxVSN catalog are open to any student in the state who wishes to take the course.

    “We have high standards and expectations in LISD,” Henry added. “Although not all of our online courses have to be included in the TxVSN catalog, and not all online teachers have to go through a TxVSN approved professional development course, we require this because TxVSN is a national model for quality online learning and teaching, and we want the best for our students.”

    Teachers will learn to create an engaging online environment from the initial welcome on the first day of the course. Registration for LISD’s approved online TxVSN professional development course, being held during the spring and summer of 2016, is now open. Each course will be six weeks long and will offer teachers the opportunity to learn how to facilitate engaging and meaningful online courses in their content area.

    To learn more about LISD’s TxVSN approved professional development course, click here. To view LISD’s online course catalog, including TxVSN courses, click here.