• What is required for enrollment?
    Birth Certificate, Social Security card, current immunization record with documentation of Chicken Pox Disease or vaccine, and proof of current address. A picture ID is required of any person registering a student. If applicable, Custodial Court Documents are also requred.  It is also helpful to have any withdrawal information or records from previous school.
    At what age can a child start school?
    Kindergarten students must be 5 years of age on or before September 1st of the current school year. First grade students must be 6 years old or have completed public Kindergarten on or before September 1st.
    What can you tell me about the curriculum?
    As a public school, our curriculum is the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. (TEKS) There is a committee that adopts the curriculum each year for our district. Each campus has an in depth curriculum guide for parental perusal.
    Do you have an active PTA?
    We are fortunate at have a very active PTA program at Southridge. PTA sponsors parent meetings, school assemblies and other special events throughout the school years. Parents are encouraged to become involved in parent volunteer programs.  Our PTA website can be found here.  Our PTA Facebook page can be found here.
    What are the areas that are bussed?
    The general rule of thumb is 2 miles from the school, however some areas are eligible for bus transportation within the 2 mile limit if children have to cross an intersection with no crossing guard or sidewalks are not accessible.
    Do we serve hot lunches?
    The school cafeteria provides a nutritionally balanced lunch meal each day. Breakfast is also available to children at 7:30 a.m. before school begins. Check the Child Nutrition web page for more information. Lunch tickets, in any dollar amount, can be purchased in the cafeteria. Free/Reduced Applications for school meals are available in our school office.
    Are visitors allowed at lunch time?
    We are happy to have visitors at lunch time. We ask all our visitors upon entering the building to please sign in at the main office and place an identification sticker on before going into any other part of the building.
    How do we notify the school if our child is going to be absent?
    Please call the school to notify us of any child's absence. When the child returns to school, please send a note explaining the absence.
    How do we check students out for appointments?
    Anyone taking a student out of class for an appointment or other reason should report to the main office to sign the student out. Identification will be checked and the student will be called from class to report to the office. Students will not be released to anyone, other than the parent or other authorized persons listed on the enrollment card without prior notification and identification.
    How do we schedule a parent/teacher conference?
    Each teacher on our staff has a regularly scheduled conference period. If you need to set time to meet with a teacher, you may set up a time with the teacher during the conference period. If you need to get a message to a teacher at a time other than their scheduled conference time, you may call the office and we will place a message in the teacher's mailbox. The teacher will contact you as soon as possible.
    Does Southridge have a nurse on campus?
    Southridge Elementary has a full time R.N. on staff. She will be happy to help with the medical needs of any student during the school day. If a child needs to take medication, we ask that parents deliver it to the clinic in the original labeled prescription bottle. We do not allow students to take medications without the supervision of the nurse or a designee. Written parent permission is required to administer medication to a student.
    updated 11/7/2018