Hi! I'm Coach Keirsey and I am so excited for another year of P.E.!

    I love kids, sports and exercise so my job is perfect for me!  This is my 24th year to teach/coach!

    Some things I enjoy are spending time with my family, attending church, playing volleyball and flag football, and watching movies.

     Let's have a great year learning how to be healthy and stay healthy!!

    Welcome to Physical Education

    Focusing on wellness, exercise, games and lifetime sports,

    students can learn new and fun ways to stay physically fit.


    Contact Information


    Conference Time - 7:45-8:30


    Check out this video 23 and 1/2 Hours!!

    This is a great explanation of why 

    exercise is so important.



    General P.E. Info

    Be Prepared!

    All students must wear appropriate clothing and RUNNING SHOES for class. Students wearing the wrong shoes or clothing that restricts movement or a dress with no shorts on underneath may have an alternate activity to do during class. They will also lose points on their report card grade. 


    This is a state mandated health fitness test for grades 3rd-5th. This test helps determine the student’s fitness levels based on what is optimal for good health. The test will measure aerobic endurance, flexibility, and muscle strength.  Results will be sent home at the end of the test.  


    If your child is injured or sick, please send a note explaining what they can and can’t do. Thank you for your help to keep your child safe and well. 


    Grading Policy 

     Please remember that an “M” means your child is right where they need to be.

    E= Exceeds Expectations

    -Follows directions the first time asked

    -Is respectful to others and equipment

    -Always prepared for class (Running Shoes, Proper Clothing)    

    -Shows good sportsmanship   

    -Shows excellence in all areas.                                                                                                 


    M=Meets Expectations

    -Has little difficulty following directions

    -Is respectful of others and equipment.

    -Accomplishes all set objectives.

    -Prepared for class


    S= Still Developing

    -Has a hard time following directions.

    -Performs at a reasonable level.

    -Sometimes respects others.

    -Trying to acquire more skills to meet expectations.


    N=Needs Improvement

    -Has difficulty following directions.

    -Performance below average.

    -Does not respect others and equipment.

    -Needs more development.


    P.E. Activities and Incentives

    MVP Awards

    Every class period two students will receive the MVP award. These are students who 

    followed all the rules, tried their best, and had good sportsmanship.



    At the end of every 9 weeks I will choose one boy and one girl from each grade that have done an excellent job 

    the entire 9 weeks!! I will choose these students from the students who receive the MVP daily awards.

    They will get their picture taken and hung up in the hallway!




    Sign-up Begins in October

    CHALLENGE to eat healthy snacks after school

    Don't forget to do the FINAL SURVEY in November!!!! 


    Annual Turkey Trot and Coat Drive

    The Friday before Thanksgiving break, we will have our annual run and coat drive. 

    You can donate a new or gently used coat for families in need.


    Fitnessgram Testing

    Begins - March-April


    Kids Heart Challenge (formerly JUMP ROPE FOR HEART)

    Feb 1st-19th