2010-11 8th Grade Division 1 District Champions
    2014 8th Grade Division 1 Midseason Tournament Champions
    2013-14 8th Grade Division 1 District Runner Up
    2015-16 8th Grade Division 2 East Zone Champions
    2017-18 7th Grade Division 3 Undefeated Season
    2017-18 7th Grade Division 2 District Runner Up
    2017-18 8th Grade Division 2 District Runner Up
    2018-19 7th Grade Division 1 District Runner Up
    2020 8th Grade Division 1 Midseason Tournament Champions
    2020 8th Grade Division 2 Midseason Tournament Champions

    2019-20 Boys Basketball Information: 

    *Changes have been made to the order of play

    8th Grade: A team will play at 5:30pm, B team will play at 7:00pm

    7th Grade: A team will play at 5:30pm, B team will play 6:30pm, C team will play at 7:30pm.  

    Practice Schedules:
    Below you will find practice schedules. These dates could be subject to change due to weather or school related closures. Notification will be sent through Canvas & Skyward.
    We encourage all players to ride the bus to and from each away game. We understand that there are times when this is not possible for you, as the parent/guardian. Below is the form that must be completed with at least 24 hours notice before the game, plus we ask that you email one of the coaches before hand.
    The 7th grade will consist of three different teams: Division I, II and III. Game times will be 5:30 (Div I) 6:30 (Div II) and 7:30 (Div III).
    The 8th grade will consist of two teams: Division I (5:30) and Division II (7:00). 
    2017-18 Boys Basketball Game Schedules:
    Middle School Night
    Shooting Shirt:
    To order this year's game-day shooting shirt(black long sleeve shirt), please go to
    Shooting Shirt  
    Game day meals:
    Basketball Picture Form
    Any boys basketball related questions can be directed to Coach Burns - or Coach Gotwalt -
    Midseason Champs  8th Grade District Runner Up
    East Zone Champs  2017-18 8th D2 District Runner Up
    2017-18 7th D2 District Runner Up  2018-19 Runner Up
    8th D1     8th D2