• We are excited about your interest in enrollment in Killian Middle School. Lewisville ISD has currently suspended normal school operations due to COVID-19.  During school closure, we will continue to enroll new students using virtual processes.  
    If your child attended any school in Lewisville ISD during the 2019-20 school year, please contact the campus registrar by email or phone for guidance on re-enrollment.
    If your child has not attended a school in LISD during the 2019-20 school year, please follow these steps to enroll:
    1. Complete the new student online enrollment forms using the directions at https://www.lisd.net/Page/259.  Be sure to upload all available documents as directed during completion of these online forms (parent ID, birth certificate, immunization records, withdrawal or other records from previous school, etc.). We understand all documents might not be available to you right now.

    2. If your child needs to enroll and attend right now, email the campus registrar to request a virtual enrollment appointment.  If your child will be enrolling for 2020-21, the registrar will reach out to you with next steps.
    The registrar can assist you with any questions or support needs during this process at the contact info below.

  • ** IMPORTANT: LISD is a ZONED district. You must LIVE WITHIN THE ZONE of KMS for your student to attend KMS.  If you wish your student to attend KMS but do not live in the KMS zone, you must contact Community Services to discuss applying for a transfer.  For a comprehensive zone map, or to request more information, visit WWW.LISD.NET.  Click on Departments, then go to Community Services. **

    Enrollment Checklist:

    Due to time constraints and delays in receiving information from other schools, please retrieve the following information/documents from your child’s previous school/s and bring them with you when you enroll your child. Thank you for your cooperation.

     You must have the following to enroll:

    • Copy of Birth Certificate (We can make copies for you) 
    • Copy of Social Security Card (if applicable) 
    • Current/Last Report Card or Withdrawal form if mid-year 
    • Name, address and contact information of previous school 
    • Immunizations 
    • TAKS or other standardized State Testing Scores 
    • Parent Picture Id or DL or Passport 
    • Legal Paperwork concerning child custody (if applicable) 1) Restraining Orders 2) Proof of Guardianship 3) Divorce Decree with special circumstances related to child availability for either parent
    • Proof of Residency: Most recent Copy of 1 of the following: 1. House or Apartment Lease in parent/guardian's name 2. House or Apartment Contract in parent/guardian's name 3. Utility Bill (gas/water/electric) in parent/guardian’s name


    If providing a lease or contract, you must send a copy of a gas, water or electric bill to KMS within 30 days to retain enrollment.

    If you and your student are living with another person/family in the district, please contact Community Services- 1565-C W. Main St. Lewisville, TX (469.713.5206).

    Special Circumstances? 

    • If the student attended a private school, accreditation information is needed. 
    • If the student has been homeschooled, proof of immunizations must be provided prior to the student’s start date. Testing may be required to ensure grade placement is appropriate.  If coming from a foreign country, a Tuberculosis test is required before beginning school. Please contact the Denton County Health Department for information at 972.420.1960. Language testing may also be necessary if English is not the student's primary language. This will allow KMS to provide your student with the most appropriate level of assistance in understanding their schoolwork, as well as increasing their English-speaking skills.

    Questions?  Contact Kasee Kappel at KAPPELK@LISD.NET

    Step by Step Instructions for Enrollment. (Click on the link "Instructions".)