• LISD ENVIRONMENTAL LEARNINGlearning activities outdoors

    Providing limitless opportunities is important in Lewisville ISD.

    LISD Environmental Learning happens in several locations within or near Lewisville ISD boundaries and especially at LISDOLA where students have limitless opportunities in nature. 


    Who participates in LISD Environmental Learning?  

    •  All students Grades 1 or 2  and Grade 4 at LISDOLA 
    •  All students Grade 5 Outdoor School (at Briarwood Retreat location or at LISDOLA)
    •  All Grade 7 students through Grade 7 Field Experience
    •  High School special projects at LISDOLA and LLELA (research, career applications,  outdoor recreation, volunteers)
    • Young Adult Focus on the Future Work Based Learning at LISDOLA (18-22 years)


    Headquarters of LISD Environmental Learning/Outdoor Education is located at LISD Outdoor Learning Area (LISDOLA)

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