Environmental Learning

  • LISD Environmental Learninglearning activities outdoors

    Providing limitless opportunities is important in Lewisville ISD and having a place where students can have limitless opportunities in a natural setting is priceless. 

    LISD Environmental Learning takes place in several locations within or near Lewisville ISD boundaries.

    Who participates in LISD Environmental Learning?  

     All students Grades 1 or 2  and Grade 4 at LISDOLA 

     All students Grade 5 Outdoor School 

     All Grade 7 students in Grade 7 Field Experience

    High School special projects at LISDOLA and LLELA (research, career applications, outdoor recreation)

    Young Adult (18-22 years) Focus on the Future Work Based Learning at LISDOLA

    Headquarters of LISD Environmental Learning is located at LISD Outdoor Learning Area (LISDOLA)

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