BlendED - High School

  • LISD provides blendED learning opportunities fo high school students across the district. A blendED course is ideal for high school students who:

    • want a flexible learning environment
    • want to work and go to school
    • want more time in the school day to practice for an activity or sport
    • want to develop future-ready skills:  collaboration, communication, time-management, and organization
    • want more opportunities for self-directed learning

    LISD blendED classes offer the best of both worlds: online and face-to-face instruction. Students do not have to be physically present on campus on an online day. They have Flexible Mobility and may meet with their teacher for one-on-one or small group instruction, collaborate with their peers in a flexible learning space on campus, or work from home or other off-campus locations. On class days, students engage in in-class discussion, collaboration, project work, practice, and labs.

    BlendED courses are currently offered at the following high schools: The Colony High School, Lewisville High School, Flower Mound High School, Marcus 9th Grade Center, and Marcus High School.  

    LISD BlendED

BlendED - Middle School

  • LISD provides blendED learning opportunities at the middle school level. The program offers students:

    • more opportunities for individual and personalized instruction
    • more intensive support when needed
    • more opportunities to develop sills for blended and online learning as they advance in their education
    • more voice and choice in how they learn and a better understanding of how they learn best

    Flexible Mobility is structured differently at middle school. Students must be physically present on campus five days a week for a blendED class.  They may, however, leverage flex spaces on an online day for independent work and collaboration, or they may choose to work one-on-one or in small groups with their teacher.