• Welcome to Language Science!

    I am so excited for the 2019-20 school year! We are going to get started with reviews over all the things we learned last year. Then, we will continue to discover new skills and concepts through the MTA curriculum and apply these skills to all subject areas.

    We will also explore accessibility technology tools,  Bookshare, Learning Ally, as well Draw and Tell, Google Keep, Prizmo Go, and numerous other learning tools.

    Learning Ally and Bookshare are wonderful resources for having access to thousands of fantastic books!  If your child does not already have an Individual Account with Bookshare, then you will be receiving an email inviting you to sign up your child through, www.bookshare.org

    We are going to have such a great time in Language Science and learn so much!

    - Mrs. Jennifer Hudspeth

    What does MTA stand for? 

    LISD uses the MTA or Multisensory Teaching Approach program for our students. It is a comprehensive program in reading, spelling, cursive handwriting, and alphabet and dictionary skills.

    The MTA program uses:

    Multisensory Techniques--presenting information visually, auditorily, and kinesthetically 

    Guided Discovery--teacher presentations combined with a series of carefully structured questions to actively involve students in the learning process--a method that develops problem solving 

    Regularly Scheduled Reviews--All information presented in the program follows a process of introduction, review, and practice designed to enable students to master and retain the material. Each content area includes practice activities, arranged in ascending levels of complexity, enabling students to experience success while developing proficiency.

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