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    I am excited to be at Coyote Ridge Elementary School! LISD is the best district in Texas and I am thankful to teach in the district where I grew up. I am a product of LISD, having attended Indian Creek Elementary School, Lakeview Middle School and The Colony High School. My experience in education includes English Language Arts and Reading, Math, Dual Language, ESL and Dyslexia classrooms. I earned a Bachelor Degree of Science in Education from Baylor University, a Master of Education from MidWestern State University and received my training for Academic Language Therapy from The Scottish Rite Hospital. 


    Dyslexia services are provided through the Language Science class where we use MTA along with additional multisensory programs to give students the tools needed to be successful in reading, writing and spelling. Students will continue to discover new skills and concepts through the MTA curriculum, then  apply these skills to all subject areas.


    What does MTA stand for?
    LISD uses the MTA or Multisensory Teaching Approach program for our students. It is a comprehensive program in reading, spelling, cursive handwriting, and alphabet and dictionary skills.
    The MTA program uses:
    Multisensory Techniques--presenting information visually, auditorily, and kinesthetically
    Guided Discovery--teacher presentations combined with a series of carefully structured questions to actively involve students in the learning process--a method that develops problem solving
    Regularly Scheduled Reviews--All information presented in the program follows a process of introduction, review, and practice designed to enable students to master and retain the material. Each content area includes practice activities, arranged in ascending levels of complexity, enabling students to experience success while developing proficiency.


    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Please see the LISD Dyslexia website for more detailed information and resources available to parents and students. 


    Katy Allen, M. Ed, CALT

    Coyote Ridge Elementary School

    Dyslexia Interventionist

    Lewisville Independent School District


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