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General Education PK-8, Gifted and Talented PK-12, Special Education PK-12, English Second Language PK-12

Ms. Heather Robinson

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Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted and Talented

In 1990, the State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students was adopted by the Texas State Board of Education and revised in 2009.  The most significant revision was very simple. Instead of qualifying students for a GT program, students now qualify for GT services.  The State Plan forms the basis of GT services and accountability in LISD.

State Goal for Gifted/Talented Student Services

Students who participate in services designed for gifted/talented students will demonstrate skills in self-directed learning, thinking, research, and communications as evidenced by the development of innovative products and performances that reflect individuality and creativity and are advanced in relation to students of similar age, experience, or environment. 

LISD Gifted and Talented Mission

Through the establishment of secure and free learning environments, LISD GT students continuously seek out challenges to: 

Promote scholarly behaviors that discover, develop and leverage capacity (Research) 
 Effectively communicate and collaborate
Foster critical thinking by manipulating abstract ideas and making deep connection
Promote creativity and innovation
Develop self awareness and social consciousness
LISD GT Goals and Objectives

The Gifted student will:

Become aware of his or her own unique potential and learning style in order to develop these abilities for the  betterment of self and society. 
Utilize higher level thinking skills to develop intellectual curiosity in critical, creative and productive thinking. 
Understand and apply the problem-solving process in a cooperative group setting through analysis and evaluation of a real life situation.
Develop reference skills for using multiple concepts and resources in synthesizing an advanced product. 



  • Snacks/Water Bottles

    Posted by Gregory Davis on 10/6/2015

    Students that would have snacks and water bottles in their homeroom may bring them to LEAP,  too.  It is a "working" snack and I let the students self monitor when they feel they need their snack.  Water bottles are not as critical since we have a good water fountain spigot on our sink.


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  • Supplies Needed

    Posted by Gregory Davis on 10/6/2015
    Please provide the following supplies for your student’s GT work.
    • new, 1” binder with clear view cover pockets on the outside.
    Your child is welcome to use their GT Binder from last year.  I am all about saving money and time and re-using that which is still good.  Some binders may need to be replaced if they are a few years old and coming apart.  Your child can tell you if they need a new binder.  


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  • Classroom Wish List

    Posted by Gregory Davis on 10/6/2015
    We could use the following items.  If you happen to find a great deal, just want to donate to our class, or happen to have extras around your house (used will be fine) we will put them to good use.
    • Markers (thick and thin)
    • Crayons
    • Pens
    • Hi-Liters (any color)
    • Tempera paints/ finger paints
    • 12 X 18 construction paper (manilla and colored)
    • Posterboard
    • fabric scraps, glitter, buttons, pipe cleaners
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  • Parent Orientation

    Posted by Gregory Davis on 10/6/2015

    Rather than have a group orientation for each grade level, I am holding conferences. Conferences have proven to be more beneficial in the past as many parents have questions and want to discuss their child personally.  This is especially helpful for those new to GT.  I will send a link for a Sign-Up Genius schedule to you via email or you will also be able to find it under the "Links" tab on the right. 

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