PSAT Information

  • ALL 10th grade students will be taking the PSAT during 1st and 2nd period on EITHER October 11th or October 12th. As we get closer to the test dates, your child will receive details about what day they are testing and where to report on that day.


    IMPORTANT: If your child’s 1st period class is off-campus (not at Killough), please have them report straight to Killough by 8:20 AM on their assigned testing day.


    Starting this year, the PSAT will now be online. All students must bring their district issued iPad fully charged on their assigned testing day.


    If you have any questions, please reach out to Ms. Miller at

    Please visit the College Board - PSAT website for a detailed explanation of how the PSAT is scored.

    Also check out the information here:  One New Secret Weapon for Students Taking the PSAT

    *If you are a home-bound or home-schooled student and would like to participate in any of these PSAT Tests, please email Melanie Miller at


    How to Read PSAT Score Report.pdf

    Prepare for the PSAT (Khan Academy Prep)