Principals of Arts, AV Technology & Communication/Sports Media, 2 credits

    Grade: 9-12

    Corequisite: Prinicpals of Arts, AV Technology & Communications must be taken concurrently with Sports Media

    Sports Media: Prinicipals of Arts, AV Technology & Communication. This course offers training in the audio/video production, photography, graphic design and animation industries. Students will get basic training in these different fields and the industry-standard software applications used in them. The Sports Media class will work with LISD high schools and sports orgranizations to regularly produce live-stream broadcasts of LISD sporting events. Project work for the class will include creating sports graphics and animations, sports photography and highlight videos, basic sports media management and live sports productions. Some examples of jobs in this cluster is videographer, sports anchor/reporter, sports photographer, graphic designer, motion graphics designer, and many others. 


    Grade: 10-12 or 16+

    Recommendation: Introduction to AAVTC, Journalism, Sports Media, Broadcast Journalism, Theater, Photography, Writing, Art, Graphics, Animation

    Corequistite: Audio Video Production 1-Lab

    This course will explore the Audio and Video production industry and its post-secondary educational and career opportunities. Students will gain job-specific training for entry level employment in audio, video, television, and motion picture careers. Professional grade equipment and software will be used in the creation of student lead productions. Students will be involved in every aspect of several class and small group audio, video, and film style production projects with emphasis on live multi-camera video and film style production projects. Materials and supplies fees may be required. Offered at TECC-West.

    *Certification Exam: ADOBE PREMIERE CC



    Grade: 10-12 or 16+

    Prerequisite: Audio and Video Production I

    Corequisite: Audio Video Production 2 - Film & Video - Lab

    This course is the second term of a three-term program. Students will work on several audio and/or video productions created for television, cable television, education, radio, entertainment, business and/or industry. Students may concentrate on specific areas of interest such as videography, video editing, film editing, audio recording, audio mixing, sound reinforcement, sound design, dialog editing, lighting, directing, producing, still or animated computer graphics, special effects, voice talent, on-camera talent, production management and camera operation. Students will create a portfolio of work. Additional time beyond regular school hours is required for productions. Materials and supplies fees may be required. Student must choose either A/V Pro – Film and Video or A/V Pro – TV Broadcasting. Students will not be able to receive credit for both classes. Offered at TECC-West.



    Grade: 11-12

    Prerequisite: Advanced Audio Video Production or AVP: Film & Video II

    Students in this class will develop advanced knowledge and skills in their chosen field of study related to audio and video production. Students will develop their portfolio of work that will assist them in gaining entry level employment, earning admittance into college film/video, television/radio broadcasting, and audio production programs, as well as securing post-secondary scholarships. Additional time beyond regular school hours is required for productions. Material and supply fees may be required. This class may be taken twice for credit. Offered at TECC-West.