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  • CUBS Club

    Character Ultimately Brings Success


    CUBS Club Mission

    We know that our actions make it possible for us to create a positive difference with the people we meet.  We also believe that how we act promotes and demonstrates respect for ourselves and for others.  When we do this, we will be able to succeed and live more rewarding and happy lives.


    CUBS CLUB Pledge

    “ I promise to act in a manner that promotes and demonstrates respect for ourselves for others.”



    “ The Creekside Way”



    Each grading period, two students from every grade level will be selected based upon the following character traits.



    ü  Tell the truth.

    ü  Stand by your family, friends and community.

    ü  Do the right thing.


    ü  Treat others as you would like to be treated.

    ü  Use good manners.

    ü  Always think about other people’s feelings

    ü  When dealing with anger, disagreements, or mean talk, stay calm and work it out without violence in word or deed.


    ü  Do what you are supposed to do.

    ü  Always do you best and keep on trying.

    ü  Think first before acting.

    ü  Correct any mistakes you may make.

    4.   FAIRNESS

    ü  Play by the rules.

    ü  Take turns and share.

    ü  Listen to other people’s ideas

    5.   CARING

    ü  Be kind and helpful to others.

    ü  Show you care for others.


    ü  Be  good neighbor.

    ü  Obey the rules and laws.

    ü  Respect your teachers an others in authority.

    ü  Help protect our environment.

    ü  Do your part to help our school be better.


    Ms. Kemp                           cubs club                                    Mrs. Applegate