• Creekside offers Dual Language (Spanish/English) beginning in Grades K & 1. The program continues through 5th grade.

    The Dual Language Program is part of the innovation related to attaining LISD's Strategic Design Objective 3.6:

    *Implement a global/cultural awareness program including a multiple-foreign language curriculum that leads to fluency K-12 in all schools.

    The goal of the Dual Language program is to provide a research based, instructional model for second language acquisition to native Spanish speaking students who are acquiring English as a second language, as well as providing opportunities for native English speakers to acquire Spanish as their second language.

    Creekside's Two-Way Dual Language Model promotes additive bilingualism and biliteracy and establishes high expectations for achievement for all students in both English and Spanish.

    • Two-Way Dual Language class include students who are learning Spanish as a second language (Spanish Learners) AND students who are learning English as a second language (English Learners) and are taught in the same classroom.  They learn all core subjects in both languages and support one another in learning the other language. 
    • In Kinder & 1st Grades students are taught Language Arts & Social Studies in their home language, either English or Spanish by an English or Spanish speaking teacher. Then, for Math & Science students are taught by their second language teacher. Because of the hands on nature of science and the numerous cognates in mathematics students acquire sufficient knowledge and skills regardless of the language of instruction.
    • In 2nd & 3rd Grades students begin a systematic shift of Language Arts instruction from exclusively home language to both languages. The transition is complete for most students by mid-3rd grade. Regardless of home language, students will take the STAAR in their dominant language--by this age English is dominant for most native Spanish speakers and all native English speakers.
    • In 4th and 5th Grades students are well on their way to biliteracy as they continue to learn the content of their grade level in both languages.
    • When students move to Durham or Delay Middle schools they have the exclusive opportunity to take Pre-AP and other advanced courses of study in Spanish which far exceeds the second language experience of most students who must wait until high school.
    • The Dual Language models of instruction vary slightly from campus to campus in order to meet needs of students and staffing requirements of the district. Please see the Dual Language page of the LISD website for more details . Please contact Will Ramos, Language Acquisition Specialist, at Creekside Elementary if you are interested in this program for your student in Kindergarten, 1st grade, or if transferring from another Dual Language program on another campus or district.