School Hours:

    7:15am - Bell rings: Doors open for breakfast; students are encouraged to arrive early to avoid tardies.

    7:40am - 2nd Bell: Students may enter classrooms

    7:45am - 3rd Bell: Tardy Bell (all students must be in their classrooms by this time or report to the office)

    3:00pm - 4th Bell: Dismissal



    State law requires that students be in attendance for at least 90% of the 180 days during the year in order to receive credit for that class. Approximately 18 days of absences could require your child to repeat the current grade level. Attendance committees will hear petitions for class credit from students with fewer than 90% attendance. If your child is well, they should be in school. If, however, they are ill, please keep them at home. (Please refer to our Influenza Information listed on the front page of our website.)

    When your child is absent, please call the school attendance voicemail at 469-713-5182 and state the child’s name, teacher's name and reason for absence. Follow up with a written note explaining the reason for the absence. Letting the school know this information is the responsibility of the parent. Without a written note of explanation, the absence will be considered unexcused.

    Excused absences include those caused by illness or a death in the family. Any other absences, including those caused by family vacations, will be unexcused. If you are not sure whether an absence is excused or unexcused, please submit a request in writing at least one week prior to the absence occurring. Students will NOT receive work in advance of an absence.

    Students will be allowed 1 day to complete make up work for each excused day of
    absence upon return.  Anytime there is an unexcused absence and grades are taken on that day, each graded item will result in a zero (0).


    Personal Illness

    When a student's absence for personal illness exceeds four consecutive days, the principal or attendance committee may require that the student present a statement from a physician or health clinic verifying the illness or condition that caused the student's extended absence from school as a condition of classifying the absence as one for which there are extenuating circumstances.


     Compulsory Attendance Law:

    For a student younger than 12 years of age, the student’s parent could be charged with an offense based on the student’s failure to attend school. [See policy FEA(LEGAL).] A complaint against the parent may be filed in court if the student:

    • Is absent without excuse from school on ten or more days or parts of days within a six month period in the same school year, or

    • Is absent without excuse on three or more days or parts of days within a four-week period.

    Parts of days refer to both tardy to school and/or leaving school early without proper documentation. 

    Although we make an attempt notify the parents or guardians of attendance concerns after 3 tardies or 1 unexcused absence, attendance information and tardies can be viewed in Skyward Family access.  You may also set the system up to email a notification any time your child receives a tardy.