• Absence Information: Regular attendance in school accompanied by the responsibility to study and participate in school activities is essential to the learning process. Once a student arrives at school, he/she is expected to remain and attend each class throughout the day. The student is expected to attend school at least 90% of the days school is offered to obtain credit unless he/she is prevented by illness, death of an immediate family member, quarantine, or any other reason acceptable by the administration. This means that any child who misses more than 10% of the days for which class is offered for any reason (excused or unexcused) may be retained.


    Absence Notes: Absence notes must be received within 3 days of your child’s return. An absence is considered unexcused when no note is sent to the school. The grade for work missed following an unexcused absence is zero as well as for any tests given. While we appreciate your calling in your child’s absence, we also need the written note for our documentation.

     No more than 8 absence notes may come from a parent or guardian. Any additional absence notes need to come from a doctor/dentist, or you may meet with the nurse at school prior to the start of school to discuss your child’s health concerns.


    Excessive Absences: Although students should not attend school when they are sick, it is the parent's legal responsibility to see that children attend school whenever possible. A doctor's note may be required for excessive absences or any time deemed necessary. Excessive absences which cannot be excused by the school attendance committee may result in retention or legal action.


    Pre-planned Absences: If you know in advance that your student will be absent for family events, please complete the pre-planned absence form and turn it in at the office for the principal's approval.


    Tardies: Prompt arrival to school is extremely important. The doors to the school open at 7:15AM. Students arriving to school after the 7:45AM tardy bell will report immediately to the office before entering the classroom. The student will receive a tardy slip to give to the teacher. Excessive tardies are considered thwarting compulsory attendance, resulting in the information being forwarded to legal authorities. Every [3] three tardies equals [1] one unexcused absence.  Students are counted absent after 9:00 AM unless they have a note from a doctor or dentist.


    Make-up Work: Students are expected to complete assignments and class work missed due to excused absences. At least one day for each day of excused absence will be allowed for turning in make-up work. Students are responsible for gathering all missed assignments and making up the work within the specified time, but if more time is needed, please consult the teacher as early as possible.