• Roles and Responsibilities of the Campus Leadership Team

    By direction of the Texas Education Agency, a campus-level committee (Building Leadership Team or Campus Leadership Team) shall be established on each public school campus to assist the principal. The committee shall meet for the purpose of implementing planning processes and site-based decision-making in accordance with Board policy and administrative procedures and shall be chaired by the principal. The team shall serve exclusively in an advisory role except that each team shall approve staff development of a campus nature.

    Role: The role of the Campus Leadership Team is to assist the building principal in formulating performance objectives for the campus and in advising in other areas of planning, budgeting, curriculum, staffing patterns, staff development, and school organization. It must be noted here that the primary purpose of site-based decision making is improved student performance, and that should be the foremost goal of the Campus Leadership Team.

    Membership: Other than the principal, each committee shall also include the following members:

    Parents: Two parents of students who are currently enrolled. Parents eligible to serve shall be parents or guardians standing in parental relation to students of Creekside. The parent or guardian shall not be an employee of the Lewisville ISD.
    Community members: Two community members. Community members for this purpose would not include a parent or guardian standing in parental relation to students attending Creekside.
    Business representatives: Two business representatives. Business members eligible to serve shall support business interests and need not reside in nor represent a business within the boundaries of the district.
    Classroom teachers: A minimum of six classroom teachers. Teachers eligible to serve shall be full-time employees and shall serve only on the campus that is designated as the teacher’s primary campus.
    Campus-based paraprofessional and operations staff: One representative of the campus-based paraprofessional and operations staff will be nominated and elected by the school staff. This position will serve as an ex-officio member.
    District-level professional: One district-level professional employee. District-level professional staff eligible to serve shall be full-time professional employees who have responsibilities at more than one campus, including, but not limited to, central office staff.

    Meetings: Campus Leadership Team meetings are conducted as open meetings. The committee shall meet at the call of the principal with appropriate advance notice. The principal will set the agenda for the meeting. 

    Subcommittees: Subcommittees of the Campus Leadership Team including short term and standing committees for the purpose of carrying planning, auditing, curriculum review, staff development, parrnt engagement and school organization. Temporary committees will be established and dissolved as needed. Standing Subcommittees which are in place throughout the year include:

    • Literacy Committee
    • Mathematics Committee
    • Science and Health Committee
    • Safe & Civil Schools and No Excuses University Committee