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    Please plan ahead for all withdrawals.  The time required by the registrar to prepare paperwork takes approximately one hour.  If you would like to shorten your wait time here at the school, please notify the registrar's office ahead of time that you plan to come in to withdraw your student.

    No withdrawal requests will be processed after 3:00 pm.

    How to Withdraw Your Student:

        1)  A parent or legal guardian must come in to sign the withdrawal paperwork.  A valid picture ID is required.

        2)  All textbooks, IPADS, library books, uniforms, calculators or other items checked out by the student must be returned before withdrawal.

        3)  All fines/fees must be paid in full before withdrawal.

        4)  An unofficial copy of the student's transcript, test scores, immunizations and withdrawal paperwork will be given to you to take to the new school for            enrollment purposes.

        5)  Official records will be sent to the new school upon their request.