Career Resources

  • All students in LISD have access to the Career Cruising Guidance System. Career Cruising is an online career guidance and planning system. Students who access the system have tools to create their own personal portfolio, explore education options and training, and find the right career.
    Students will use Career Cruising through four years of high school to plan their academic years, explore learning styles, take surveys on career matchmaking, and create a personal resumé.

    There are four main components to the program all found in the CC Springboard program:

    1. Career Matchmaker and Skills Assessment
    2. Exploration of Careers
    3. Exploration of Education and Training (college to career)
    4. Career Portfolio Tool

    Other parts of the website include: CCPathfinder (which is how students will select their courses for scheduling) and CCAchieve (college planning and long term goal planning).

    Each student has a username and password for the Career Cruising system. Contact your counselor if you have lost or forgotten your username and password.