My buddy Rowdy and I selling Pennants for his fundraiser! I set a record for most pennants sold in a day!

    Luke Purvis



    I graduated from Marcus High School in 2013 and attended the Career Centers from 2010 to 2013. I took Principles of AAVTC, Audio Video Production 1, and Audio Video Production 2 at Career Center East and then Practicum AVP at Dale Jackson. During the spring of my Senior year, I interned with the LISD communications department where I helped produce and direct student made shows for the school district. I began my college career at North Central Texas to get my core courses out of the way and I then transferred to the University of North Texas to begin my degree in Radio, Television, and Film.


    During my time at UNT I got involved with North Texas Television (NTTV), a student broadcast organization, where I began to volunteer with their news and sports departments. I held the positions of camera operator, audio engineer, floor director, and producer. During my Senior year at UNT I worked as a Production Assistant for NBC5 on the weekend morning shows. I also had the amazing opportunity to intern with the Dallas Cowboys Event Presentation department during their ’16-’17 season where I gained a large amount of experience in live sports production. After I graduated, I wanted to come back to the Career Centers to help teach and help students grow in their high school careers so that they would have the tools needed to pursue their own paths in video production. I have also continued to do freelance work with the Star in Frisco and other various clients.