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Every year from September 15-October 15, we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month to celebrate, honor, and learn about the contributions, culture, and heritage of Hispanic Americans. Enjoy using some of these resources to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!


    In the library, we enjoy celebrating authors & illustrators of Hispanic heritage and putting them in the limelight.

    * Explore in Destiny to find some great books in the lists below and check them out! 

    * Explore in our digital resources throughout our MackinVIA to find a digital version of some of those we don't have in print form.

    * You  can easily get to our Destiny catalog and MackinVIA through the L-Hub.


    --> The reading list from Reading Rockets has many great books to enjoy. Plus, we have many of them in our collection!


    --> We also have some of the books from Latinx Author Voices Booklists Penguin Random House in our library print collection.


    --> Celebrate Hispanic heritage & culture through the arts--music, art, writing, design, etc.--at WideOpenSchool.org!