• Applicability of School Rules: As required by law, the District has developed and adopted a Student Code of Conduct that prohibits certain behaviors and establishes standards of acceptable behavior - both on and off campus --and consequences for violation of tile standards. Students need to be familiar with the standards set out in the Student Code of Conduct, as well as campus and classroom rules.
    To achieve the best possible learning environment for all students, tile Student Code of Conduct and other campus rules of behavior will apply whenever the interest of tile District is involved, on or off school grounds, in conjunction with or independent of classes and school-sponsored activities. The District has disciplinary authority over a student in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.
    Conduct Before and After School: Teachers and administrators have full authority over student conduct at before- or after-school activities on District premises and at school-sponsored events off District premises, such as play rehearsal, club meetings, athletic practice, and special study groups or tutorials. Students are subject to the same rules of conduct that apply during the instructional day and will be subject to consequences established by the Student Code of Conduct or any stricter code of conduct for participants established by the sponsor in accordance with Board policy.
    Loitering or standing in the halls between classes is not permitted. During class time, a student must have a hail pass to be outside the classroom for any purpose. Failure to obtain a pass will result in disciplinary action.
    Student Code Of Conduct: