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FM9 Attendance Information

  • If you plan to have your child leave early for an appointment, send a note with your child to give to their attendance clerk in the morning so they can be given their Off-Campus pass in advance. If you plan to remove your child during Athletics, PE, or lunch, please allow enough time for the student to change clothes and sign out so they are not late for the appointment.  It can be extremely difficult to locate students during these times because their location varies.

    If you forget a note or have an unexpected need to remove your child from school, you will be required to come in and sign out your student from the front office.  The clerk will need time to send for your child.  If you call us when you realize this, we can locate your child and speed up the process.

    If your child becomes ill during the school day, they can get a pass from their teacher to go see the nurse.  They should not text a parent.  The nurse will assess and contact the parent.