Group Counseling:

  • Small groups focus on social skills while engaging in interpersonal relationships with the children. Our goal is to help increase social interaction skills so that students can be success and to provide students with the opportunity to learn more about and work through such things as interpersonal issues, to develop strategies and skills to positively impact their school day. Small group counseling address topics related to personal/social, academic and career development.

    Some of the common topics are:
    -Managing Strong Feelings
    -Family Changes
    -Study Skills/Self Control
    -Self Esteem

Individual Counseling:

  • School counseling is goal-oriented and generally short-term in nature. Counseling usually lasts no longer than 6 sessions, but may end earlier if appropriate. A variety of techniques are used depending on the concern including active listening, Biblio-counseling, artwork, modeling, scaling, board games, and role play. If a student needs ongoing therapy, the school counselor will facilitate a referral to an outside mental health provider. Individual counseling is a responsive service in which we seek to meet the students' immediate needs and concerns. Individual counseling is offered throughout the school year to students in a confidential setting. Individual counseling can be requested by students, parents/guardians, teacher, administrator, or the Response to Intervention (RTI) team may also refer a student. The counselor assesses the student to determine if he/she could benefit from counseling at school. If the counselor feels she can assist the student and determines ongoing counseling, written permission is obtained from a parent/guardian.