• Welcome to Shadow Ridge Middle School.  As your school nurse I am here to assist our students and families with acute and chronic medical issues, health screenings, medication administration, and anything related to promoting a healthy educational experience.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss any concerns or questions you may have throughout the year at baileyv@lisd.net or my direct line at (972) 350-1502. 


    Below is information on annual health screenings scheduled for this year, immunizations, and district requirements regarding medication at school.  I wish you all a healthy, safe, fun, and fulfilling year. 


    Health Screenings

    7th Grade:  Vision, Hearing and AN* (Acanthosis Nigricans) – Fall  

    7th Grade Girls & 8th Grade Boys:  Spinal Screening - Spring


    *AN or Acanthosis Nigricans – This state mandates that screening is required of all students in the 3rd, 5th, and 7th grades which is done by assessment or observation for skin changes which may include a velvety brown, rough skin usually found at the back or nape of the neck. These skin changes or marks may indicate that a person has high levels of insulin in their body which can put them at risk for several health conditions. If a student is identified as having positive marker(s) for AN, then the nurse will calculate the student’s body mass index (BMI) and check the student’s blood pressure on two separate occasions.  Parents will only be notified if there are positive AN findings. 




    The Texas legislature passed new requirements for middle school students effective August 2008. They can be found on the SRMS website. After your child receives immunizations, please send us a copy of the shot record to update the school record.  Records can be emailed directly to me at baileyv@lisd.net or faxed to (972) 350-9236, or sent by regular mail with attention to nurse Valerie Bailey, RN.





    Students in Middle School may carry over-the-counter medications (Tylenol, ibuprofen, Midol, etc.), inhalers and Epi-pens, and most prescription medications, excluding controlled substances (Ritalin, Adderall, Vicodin, etc.).  All controlled substances are required to be kept in the nurse’s office.  Below are the requirements for these medications.  Forms are available at school and the Nurse’s SRMS website. 


    Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medications/Some Prescription Medications


    1. Keep the medication in the original container. 

    2. Carry with the medication a completed SRMS OTC/RX Medication Permission Form, or signed note from parent/guardian listing the medication, instructions for its use, and a contact number. 

    3. DO NOT SHARE medication with anyone. 


    Inhalers and Epi-Pens


    1. Provide the School Nurse with a completed Medication Self Carry Agreement Form. 

    2. Have a prescription label from pharmacy attached to or with the inhaler/Epi-pen with student’s name and instructions for use. 

    3. Bring inhaler/Epi-pen to nurse for documentation and review of use and instructions. 


    Controlled Substances and Treatments


    1. Provide the School Nurse with a Medication Orders/Authorization/Consent form completed and signed by parent/guardian and physician along with any additional pertinent information from your child’s doctor. 

    2. Medication must have a prescription label with the student’s name and instructions. 


    The School Nurse does NOT give out over-the counter medications.  We do not stock or administer any medications which are not provided by parent(s).  Parents must provide all medications as directed above. 

    Note:  AED’s (Automated External Defibrillators) are in all LISD Schools including SRMS


    Please click here, to access LISD Health Services in order to complete forms pertaining to your child's health.