• 89820200 Principals of Manufacturing & 89782400 Principles of Applied Engineering , 2 credits

    Grade: 9-12

    Required: $35 for project materials 

    Principals of Construction/Manufacturing provides an overview of the various sectors found in manufacturing. This includes product design, Laser engraving, CNC Machining, Vacuum forming, engineering, and product management. This is a technical course that enhances the understanding of various materials, processes, and products. Experiences include safety and instruction of tools and machines associated with manufacturing. 


    89820300 Manufacturing Engineering Technology 1 and 89820400 Manufacturing Engineering Technology 2, 2 credits 

    Grade: 10-12 or Age 16+

    Prerequisite: Principals of Applied Engineering / Manufacturing 

    Corequisite: Manufacturing Engineering Technology 2

    Required: $40 for project materials, $25 fee for OSHA Safety Training due first week in class 

    These two classes are particularly helpful for students who have AutoCAD experience that would like to combine it with hands-on experience to prepare for a postsecondary degree or to be more competitive in the job market. In the first nine weeks, students will complete and be issued a 10hr OSHA safety card which is issued to them by the U.S. Department of Labor and good for the rest of their lives. Materials studied may include polymers, adhesives, woods, and sheet goods. Mathematical and scientific concepts are stressed as students study various processes used for transforming materials into products, such as computer stations, desks, entertainment centers, and tables, etc. Students study the design of products, quality control, and design of production tooling, machine tool setups, and manufacturing systems. Students wishing to build projects are expected to pay for all materials. Must sign up simultaneously for Manufacturing Engineering 2. *Can earn a math credit for Manufacturing Engineering Technology 2 class  


    89819100 Mill and Cabinetmaking Technology, 2 credits

    Grade: 10-12 or Age 16+

    Prerequisite: Manufacturing Technology 2

    $55 fee for Woodwork Career Alliance (WCA) Passport due first week of class 

    Required: $40 materials fee for core project; additional fees may apply

    Students in this class will have the opportunity to further develop skills needed in the area of industrial woodworking or millwork manufacturing and production of quality cabinets and furniture. This class is great for students who want to jumpstart their career in areas such as Manufacturing Engineer, Cabinet Maker, Interior Design, etc. Students will be made aware of technological advancements and changes occurring in this traditional but progressing industry. Upon completion of this class, students will have the opportunity to take the Woodwork Career Alliance (WCA) national certificate. TECC West is one of only two schools in the state that can offer this industry recognized certification. Material fee of $40 for core project. Students wishing to do personal projects will be expected to pay for the materials. 



    Grade: 11-12

    Prerequisite: Mill and Cabinet Technology

    You must have your own transportation to a work-based learning site. This is a lab-based study that develops the essential knowledge and skills through a learning experience that is developed by the student and teacher. This training plan provides opportunities for an in-depth study of at least one aspect of the industry. Topics common to this study include safety, leadership, entrepreneurship, work ethics, career opportunities, and job acquisition skills. The student will demonstrate the ability to utilize a variety of resources, advanced technology, and communication found in the work place. Offered at TECC West Only


    PRACTICUM IN MANUFACTORING-WOODS (2nd time taking), 2 credits

    Grade: 11-12 

    Prerequisite: Practicum in Construction Management 1

    You must have your own transportation to a work-based learning site. This course is a continuation of the instructional arrangement that develops occupationally specific skills through a combination of school-based technical instruction and coordinated work-based training. Career development through post-secondary job placement, training and education will be emphasized.