Grade: 11
    Introduction to Cosmetology is a prerequisite for Cosmetology 1. Students explore careers in the cosmetology industry. To prepare for success, students must have academic knowledge, technical knowledge, and skills relative to the industry. Students may begin earning TDLR clock hours. See Cosmetology I description for requirements.
    Materials: State ID Required, Kit $500 - $250 due at orientation held at the end of the students Sophomore year $250 due first day of their Junior school year. Uniform/Materials fee will be assessed. 
    COSMETOLOGY I, 2 credits + 1 Local
    Grade: 11
    Cosmetology I is a program geared towards students who are interested in obtaining a state operators license to practice cosmetology in the state of Texas. In this curriculum students coordinate integration of academic, career and technical knowledge and skills in a laboratory instructional sequence course designed to provide job specific training for employment/ careers in the field of cosmetology. Instructions includes infection control, sterilization, safety and sanitation procedures in relation to hair, nails, and skin care while meeting the Texas Department of licensing and Regulations (TDLR) requirements. This course is the first year of a two- year program that provides students with the skills and knowledge to pass the Texas Department Licensing and Regulations PSI Operators written and practical exams. Through sequential learning steps, the course provides specific tasks necessary for state board preparation and entry-level job skills. Students must be able to work independently and cooperatively in a clinical lab setting with an emphasis on personal safety, professionalism and proper sanitation procedures. All students must clock 132 hours each quarter. Students will be expected to earn 525 TDLR clock hours upon completion of Cosmetology I.
    Materials: State ID Required, Kit $500 - $250 due day of orientation, $250 due first day of next school year. Uniform/Materials fee will be assessed.
    Grade: 12
    Prerequisite: Cosmetology I
    Principles of Cosmetology Design and Color Theory is a prerequisite for Cosmetology II. Students will coordinate integration of academic, career, technical knowledge and skills in this laboratory instructional sequence course designed to provide job-specific training for employment in cosmetology careers. Students will attain academic skills and knowledge as well as technical skills related to cosmetology design and color theory. Students will develop knowledge and skills regarding various cosmetology design elements such as form, lines, texture, structure and illusion or depth as they relate to the art of cosmetology. Instruction includes sterilization and sanitation procedures, hair, nail, and skin care meeting the TDLR requirements for licensure upon passing the state examination. Analysis of career opportunities, license requirements, knowledge and skills expectations, and development of workplace skills are included.
    Materials: State ID Required, License and Material fees of $250 due by end of first week of instruction. Uniform/Lab fees will be assessed.
    COSMETOLOGY II, 2 credits + 1 Local
    Grade: 12
    Prerequisite: Cosmetology I
    Cosmetology II is a program geared towards students who are interested in obtaining a state operator’s license to practice cosmetology in the state of Texas. In this course, students will demonstrate proficiency in academic, technical, and practical knowledge and skills. The content is designed to provide the occupational skills required for licensure. Instruction includes advanced training in professional standards/employability skills; (TDLR) rules and regulations; use of tools, equipment, technologies , materials and practical skills including haircutting, styling, chemical texturizing, hair coloring, skin and nail services. This course is the second year of a two-year program that encompasses theories and principles of cosmetology. Upon completion students will have learned the skills and knowledge to pass the required Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR) state board exam. Students must clock a total of 900 hours to be eligible for the written exam. Students must pass the written exam with a minimum of 70% and clock 1000 hours to be eligible to take the practical exam. Students that pass with a minimum of 70 %, have received their high school diploma, and pay the required license fee to TDLR, will be licensed as Cosmetologist in the state of Texas.
    Materials: State ID Required. Uniform/Lab fees will be assessed. 

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Is there a cost to take cosmetology?
    Yes, the first year of cosmetology a kit fee of $500.00, a student permit fee of 25.00 and state required uniform is all due on the first day school. Material fees will be assessed. Kit supplies include all tools needed to perform the required assignments and client work in the classroom and to use out in the industry once the student have completed and passed the state board exam.
    What is the atmosphere like?
    Our program is set up to run just like a salon would perform in the industry. Students must be comfortable working hands on with models and salon clients. Students will participate in group projects and be able to stand in front of peers to perform demonstrations and class assignments.
    Will I be licensed when I am finished with the two year?
    In order to take the required state exam students must have a valid state issued i.d. and pay all required state fees. The written exam is $55.00 and the practical exam is $ 78.00. A 1000 clocked hours and practical applications must be completed by the end of the second year to sit for the state exam. With a passing score of 70% or more, students will be licensed to perform all cosmetology services in the state of Texas.
    Is there physical activity needed for this course?
    Yes, the ability to stand for long stretches at a time to perform hands on practical applications and client work.