Degrees and Certifications:

Sandra Holcomb

Ms. Holcomb is a current fifth grade teacher at Timber Creek Elementary. She
graduated with a bachelor and master’s degree in education with honors from UNT.
She has taught in a variety of cities and schools, all within LISD for many years. She
has taught second, third and fifth grades.

With her energy and enthusiasm, and passion for learning, she encourages students
to reach their full potential in the classroom. She believes in teaching the whole child
and building those foundational relationships that last a lifetime.

Ms. Holcomb has held a variety of leadership positions throughout her time with
LISD, but has always felt drawn to being a classroom teacher because of the
teacher-student connection.

When not working, Ms. Holcomb enjoys reading, bicycling, hiking, baking or
cooking. You may even find her doing her own home improvement project.
Ms. Holcomb comes from a large family in Ohio and has raised two sons of her own,
Dylan and Shane.

If you would like to know more about Ms. Holcomb, please reach out to her by email
or in person.