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    Chef Darron DeRosa
    Culinary Arts/Advance Culinary Arts/Praticum in Culinary
    Darron DeRosa recently joined LISD as the culinary arts instructor at The Colony High School. He will be moving to TECC-W to open the program to all LISD high school students.  Previously, Chef DeRosa has worked for corporate hotels and food service companies all over the United States, as well as internationally. He taught at Le Cordon Bleu college of culinary arts for 9 years.
    Chef Derosa began his culinary career as an apprentice in New Jersey, studying first under Chef David Elliott of Lyon France and then with Chef Santino Fortunato of Palermo. After completing his apprenticeship, he attended Hudson Culinary Arts Institute in NJ.
    Currently he lives in Aubrey, Texas with his wife and daughter.
    A.A.S/Culinary Arts Hudson County Culinary Arts Institute
    B.A. Hotel/Restaurant Management/Le Cordon Bleu
    Certified Executive Chef
    Certified Instructor/Proctor/Serv Safe (National Restaurant Association)

    Chef Gina Gandy Parry 
    Culinary Arts

    Originally from Jackson, MS, Gina Marie Gandy Parry, MFA, studied film and photography at Southern Methodist University and then received her Master’s in film and television producing from UCLA. She spent a decade in the film industry in Los Angeles before moving back to Dallas to pursue a much more personally fulfilling creative career in culinary arts. She attended Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Dallas, where she met and later married her Baking and Pastry lab partner. During culinary school, she worked at the Dallas Country Club and later earned her Chef title as executive chef for Simply Fit Meals.


    After graduation, Chef Parry was hired by Le Cordon Bleu as its high school specialist, visiting DFW-area high schools to provide information sessions about culinary college, and cooking demonstrations for the students. She has taught on the college level at The Culinary School of Fort Worth, and most recently at Little Elm High School’s culinary program.


    “Chef G,” as she is known by her students, brings real world experience to her classes in order to help her students determine if they want to take the next step in pursuing a career in culinary arts, as well to help students develop good habits of personal responsibility, professionalism, and accountability, which will help them in their other classes, and in their futures, no matter the career paths they choose.


    BA – Film (Southern Methodist University)

    MFA – Film and Television Producing (UCLA)

    Culinary Arts certification – Le Cordon Bleu (Dallas)